About Us

The Costanza family invites you to enjoy the surroundings which will remind you of an era when champagne flowed, Sinatra crooned, and the cuisine was simply elegant.

Our desire is to share our Italian heritage with you, presenting piedmontese beef that only we serve. The strong focus at La Bistecca on your health and superb quality lead us to make the commitment to be the first restaurant in the country to prepare solely certified Piedmontese beef in our kitchen.

Piedmontese Beef FiletThis lean and tender beef originated in the foothills of the Italian Alps, with its rolling green hills that offer a natural diet full of fiber and grasses. This environment produces a leaner physique on the cattle reducing the cholesterol level by more than half of genetically altered beef. A unique characteristic of this particular breed of cattle is that they are blessed with heavier muscle that reduces fat, but offers a naturally juicy flavor. Piedmontese cattle have adapted well to certain regions of the United States, while continuing to score high in tenderness and low in fat. Our beef comes from these regions so that we are able to offer you an excellent, healthy cut of beef, certified and audited by the USDA and endorsed by the American Heart Association. With a final healthy seal of approval, Good House Keeping magazine says “Now you can have your meat and eat it too.”

We offer you an elegant evening of distinctive food, attentive service, and salute to your good health! Mangiamo!